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Ten ways to dress like your horse for winter


Matchy-matchy: We pair the season’s outerwear pieces with corresponding horse rugs

Text Susanne Madsen

Winter is well and truly here, so we thought it only logical to do a pairing of human coats with horsey outerwear. Going in a slightly different direction than the usual MO of obsessively making sure one’s Pikeur breeches and Eskadron bandages are an exact colour match, here are ten ways to coordinate your wardrobe with that of your pony this season. (Please allow for some artistic interpretation, this isn’t an exact science. Yet.)

The look: So hot right now


The resemblance is uncanny, isn’t it? Actually pretty sure Raf Simons and Weatherbeeta mentally high-fived each other after that coat and trouser combo walked down the runway at Calvin Klein. You and your horse in this: so hot right now.

Checked coat by Calvin Klein 205W39NYC; ComFiTec Premier Trio turnout rug by Weatherbeeta

Shop the coat and trousers at Net-a-Porter | Shop the rug at Weatherbeeta


The look: Pretty in pink


You in sparkly crystal-embellished Gucci and your horse lighting up the night in reflective Shires. Barbie has nothing on this.

Wool coat by Gucci; Equi-Flector exercise sheet by Shires

Shop the coat at Matchesfashion | Shop the sheet at Shires


The look: Dark romance


You both enjoy binge-watching The Borgias and curse the fact that there wasn’t a 4th season. You’re now trying to make do with Game of Thrones but it just isn’t as lavish as you’d like it to be. Throw yourselves headfirst into some romantic renaissance vibes with these neo-medieval pieces while you wait for Sotheby’s next arms and armour lot.

Double felt coat by Valentino; Rambo Supreme turnout rug with Vari-Layer by Horseware

Shop the coat at Valentino | Shop the rug at Horseware


The look: Tally ho!


Special mention to Mulberry for giving us this story idea: Johnny Coca’s AW17 collection was inspired by all things equestrian such as old-school quilted stable rugs and Tattersall check coolers. Needless to say, we’re very into this coat-and-rug combo, and if you and your horse are, too, you’re likely the kind of pair who go hunting and live for the ‘Girls in Pearls’ page in Country Life.

Tartan coat by Mulberry; Turnout rug by Baker

Shop the coat at Mulberry | Shop the rug at Dover Saddlery


The look: We’re high-powered, high-collared and hi-vis


(You’re probably also a bit high maintenance, but aren’t we all.) If you were at fashion week together, you’d be the couple every single street style photographer would be falling backwards over bike racks to get a picture of.

Wool coat by Salvatore Ferragamo; Lucanta Stratus turnout rug by Premier Equine

Shop the coat at Luisaviaroma | Shop the rug at Premier Equine


The look: Dripping in cash(mere)


You and your pony are all about stealth wealth and can totally afford the dry cleaning bills for all this winter beige. You love subdued luxury and never seem to break a sweat. Are you in fact Mary-Kate Olsen and her horse?

Virgin wool coat by The Row; Perforated Profile Pile rug by Cavalleria Toscana

Shop the coat at Matchesfashion | Shop the rug at Rytterhjørnet


The look: Best dressed at the Saut Hermès


God, you two are chic. And fun!

Coat by Hermès; Rocabar wool blanket by Hermès

Enquire about the coat at Hermès | Shop the blanket at Hermès


The look: Sexy supervillains


When you’ve got dressage at 2 but a boardroom meeting with the Evil League of Evil at 5. If you could, you’d travel back in time to shoot with Helmut Newton. It’s a hard job being this slick and sexy, but someone’s gotta do it.

Leather coat by Fendi; Satin show rug by Eskadron Platinum

Enquire about the coat at Fendi | Shop the rug at Hope Valley Saddlery


The look: Cool kids on the stable block


Your horse has saved up all his hard-earned pocket money to buy you a pair of Vetements socks for Christmas so the least you can do is return the favour so he can impress that hot mare next door who’s on a first-name basis with everyone in the Vetements crew. Buy him this insulator and write HORSE in the Staff font across it.

Puffer jacket by Vetements; Amigo XL Insulator rug by Horseware

Shop the jacket at Mytheresa | Shop the rug at Horseware


The look: Traditional elegance 2.0


You’re a total class act and never go out of style. Intrecciato grooming bags, anyone?

Double cashmere cape by Bottega Veneta; Rambo Deluxe fleece rug by Horseware

Shop the cape at Bottega Veneta | Shop the rug at Horseware

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