The Horse Rider's Journal

Rodrigo Pessoa

Status and Rodrigo Pessoa, partner rider of Hermès and Rolex Testimonee, competing for Team Brazil produced the only double clear round from the first two days for the Brazilian team and helped them into 5th position at the World Equestrian Games today.

“Confidence was good as the horse warmed up really well, and this course suited him and his big stride, and he responded very well to everything that I asked. We needed this clear round to stay in touch with the good ones. But we still have to do a lot tomorrow, so it is far from over. The crowd has been really good; imagine they arrived here at 9,00am and have stayed all the day and been really enthusistic from the morning up to this evening, and you really want to do well when you have the crowd like that behind you. From tomorrow on I think the stadium will be louder with more people with and an even better atmosphere.”Said Pessoa, commenting on his experience. 


Enjoy the pair in this stunning video by Hermès


Photography by Rasmus Skousen, first published in The Horse Rider’s Journal No.5. Full interview by Maria Graae here.

Source:Revolution Sports + Entertainment.