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Olympia Horse Show: 11 alternative Christmas buys


A shopping spree at the 2017 Olympia Horse Show

Text Astrid Hiort

What was it Diana Vreeland said? “A little bad taste is like a nice splash of paprika. We all need a splash of bad taste – it’s hearty, it’s healthy, it’s physical.” 


Horse brain

Shirt from Claudio Lugli

The shirt that will make everyone in the office understand that your true dedication lies within the horse world.


Pillow talk

IMG_6916Pillows from Woodstock of Ascot

These three can definitely spice up any chair or sofa – perhaps a bespoke style could be an idea? 


That’s so Studio

IMG_6918Bandages from Olvossa Ltd

Imagine these golden babies on Bianca Jaggers’ horse at Studio 54 – now that would have been a fashion moment. Bringing the disco to the stables.


Boot fetish

IMG_6922Boots from Equiclass

If in need of new riding boots, how about some snake printed ones or perhaps a shiny, metallic blue pair?


90s forks

IMG_6923Rakes from Noble Outfitters

With colour combinations that scream 90s tracksuits, mucking out doesn’t have to be boring when you have these shavings forks in your life. 


Versace meets Juicy Couture

IMG_6926Blanket from Barker’s Equestrian

Almost too good to be true. Please note the alternative extra-posh dressage spelling.


Living in rainbow land

IMG_6927Saddle pad from Barker’s Equestrian

Another beauty spotted in Barker’s Equestrian.


Now sissy that walk

IMG_6932Overreach boots from Horsebits

Frost your horse with sparkling leopard or blue glitter overreach boots and turn a few heads on the way.


Absolutely fabulous

IMG_6935Socks, bandages & head collars from Leisure shop

Perfection captured in just one image: status socks, pink bandages and brightly coloured head collars detailed with faux fur and ‘diamonds’ – which would have given both Britney Spears and Paris Hilton a run for their money in the 00s.   


Buckle up! We are going shopping

IMG_6936Belts from Ayr Equestrian

When you have to make very hard decisions in life and you can only choose one of these belts. It’s a tough call – they’re all so different.


Fairy dust

IMG_6937Sparkle sprays from Ayr Equestrian

If you haven’t had enough sparkles, you can now go crazy and drizzle your horse in glitter from top to toe. Just in time for New Year’s Eve.

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