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Mary McCartney portrays private equestrian moments in new book


Photographer Mary McCartney shares her own intimate journey on horseback in her new book, The White Horse.

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“We ride to find something unfamiliar in places we’ve seen before – and always to free my mind,” is how photographer Mary McCartney introduces her recently published book, The White Horse.

A compact and very personal and elegant book that is centred on McCartney’s beloved Andalusian stallion, Alejandro. Their companionship is depicted through seasonal changes and the shifting landscape of the Sussex countryside. A place that has close ties to childhood memories with her family and their shared love for horses.

“To my mum and dad for sitting me on a horse before I could even walk,” the dedication reads.

As a photographer who has portrayed icons like Kate Moss, Helen Mirren, and Gwyneth Paltrow, Mary McCartney captures the intimate and rare moments of her subjects, but this time around she has turned the camera on herself. Through the lens, we are invited into her own private space to get a glimpse of the unique moments that are shared between her as a rider and her horse, Alejandro.

“Together in glorious isolation. And all the time, the rhythm of many-legged breath and muscular power driving us both forward to where we began,” the introduction ends and the intimate journey begins.





The White Horse is published by Rizzoli and available in book stores or online at £39.95 

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