The Horse Rider's Journal

Heart of Gold


Back in the 1960s, the American horse breeder Ray Ely got famous when he developed the mini pony, “Baby Rembrandt”.
The Horse Rider’s Journal No.2

Our hearts skipped a beat when we dug into our archives and found the story of the Baby Rembrandts: A tiny horse that stole the hearts of American horse lovers in the late 1960s. The horse was bred by combining a small Mongolian horse with the Scottish Shetland pony, resulting in a tiny horse with wild fetlock hair and a calm temper not unlike that of the Icelandic horse. The mini horses weighed only 6 kilograms by birth and fully grown it would weigh 75 kilograms . The Baby Rembrandts were priced at almost €25.000 and the mini horses are still popular. Today they are often used as therapy animals and some of the minies are even able to carry a child on their back.•