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There is no one like Arje Griegst. For more than five decades, he has made the world a more beautiful place with his magnificent gold jewellery, silver cutlery, sculptures and porcelain.

Photography NOAM GRIEGST & ARCHIVE Text MARLENE TOLDBOD JAKOBSEN / The Horse Rider’s Journal No.7

Be prepared to enter an almost magical world with Arje Griegst. The Danish goldsmith belongs to the upmost elite, and has held exhibitions all over the world. Arje Griegst’s pieces have always been organic, flowing ones, reminiscing wild ocean waves, crooked and wind blown trees, mystic cherub faces, and natures wonders, such as the conch shell. He has an amazing way of working, almost making the materials come to life and his eye for detail and quality, has become a trademark along side the beautiful creations.

THEJOURNAL7_066-073During the past fifty years, Arje Griegst has owned a reputation of one of the most talented craftsmen in the business, and his pieces are sought after all over the world. Arje Griegst’s wife Irene – his everlasting inspiration, and his son, fashion photographer Noam Griegst, has already begun working on preserving his fathers legacy for future generations to know, by incorporating the stunning jewellery into the world of fashion, making sure the identity of his fathers life’s work will continue for many years to come.

THEJOURNAL7_066-0733Kerstin Wickman Griegst, Forlaget Vandkunsten – OUT NOW


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