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Editor’s ten picks for autumn

Aisling equestrian breeches

Our editor-in-chief Susanne Madsen shares her pre-fall shopping list

TEXT Susanne Madsen

Here’s what my Westphalian dreamboat and I would like to add to his tack box.


Horseware Rambo Mack-in-a-Sack

Rambo mack in a sack

I’m a fair weather rider and I’m not ashamed to admit it. But since I live in England I think my pony and I are going to need one of these so I don’t have an excuse not to go hacking.

Shop from Country & Stable here


PS of Sweden headcollar

PS of Sweden Fancy Stud halter

The pony and I spotted this anatomical wonder on Swedish dressage rider Johanna Due-Boje’s horses on Instagram and it’s just so good. Love an old-school flat stud. So chic. And my horse is pretty much this exact bay colour so I already know how amazing the black leather one will look on him.

Shop from PS of Sweden here


Equestrian Stockholm saddle pad

Equestrian Stockholm Dressage-Saddle-pad-Bordeaux-3

At this point I’m fairly sure my horse has more saddle pads than I have clothes. Let’s keep that momentum going with some new season beauties, like this one from Equestrian Stockholm – with matching bandages, obviously. The Swedes are really good at horsey stuff, aren’t they?

Shop from Equestrian Stockholm here


Miasuki jacket
Miasuki Brooke jacket

I’ve been eyeing up this jacket as the perfect transitional piece. Miasuki nails the sort of pieces that can do more than yard work: functional sophistication for stable, competition warm-up and post-riding shopping or heading down to the pub with the pony gang.

Shop from Miasuki here


Busse roller

busse pro roller

When I read a recent piece in Horse & Hound about the pressure a flat lunge roller puts on a horse’s back I of course did the sensible horse owner thing and completely panicked about the one I currently use. This withers-free Busse one should do the trick with a nice pad underneath – and it will be perfect for fancy long reining footwork.

Shop from Busse here


Aisling breeches

Aisling equestrian breeches

I swear newly launched Aisling heard me whining about the fact that my kind of breeches are fast becoming near-impossible to find. While I like all those newfangled jeans style sticky bottom ones on other people I am on the other hand someone who very much prefers the classic look: high waisted, slanted pockets, front pleats, with a full suede seat or knee patches. Hooray for the return of traditional elegance.

Shop from Aisling Equestrian here


Holland & Holland gloves

Holland & Holland riding gloves tan

My dream riding glove colour made real. There’s a matching belt as well and it’s all a little bit too much to deal with. *fans self*

Shop from Holland & Holland here


Celeris suede boots

Celeris suede boots

I was at the Celeris Cobham studio with a friend who was getting measured for a pair of bespoke black leather and glossy croc dressage boots and I completely fell in love with all their suede ones. And once I spotted a teal colour swatch things began to feel extra exciting. I would probably need someone to put them on for me once I’m in the saddle and take them off before I dismount as I’m not the best at avoiding mud and general messiness, but that’s a minor detail.

Shop from Celeris here


Horseware Rambo Ionic fleece

Horseware Rambo ionic fleece

This has been sitting in my saved shopping basket for a while as it would come really handy for driving the German to lessons so he arrives extra ready. It encourages circulation and oxygen delivery to cells and tissue and all sorts of magical things and I have a feeling I’ll accidentally go to checkout soon.

Shop from Country & Stable here


Cold One ice hock and knee boots

Cold One evet

After spending way too much time researching ice leg wraps I landed on Cold One and bought a pair, swiftly followed by another. They stay frozen for much longer than any other ice boots I’ve tried, don’t heat up after cooling like some weirdly do, and are invaluable after training. (Side note: if you unfold the boots they work great as a human lumbar ice pack, too.) Now I just need two pairs of the hock/knee ones. My bank manager will love me.

Shop from eVet here

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